The image consulting and interior design branch of the B&T GROUP complements and works closely with the business / success / prosperity / personal and professional development branch, because these are all elements inherent in overall success.

Tatiana, who oversees this branch, is first and foremost a wife and a mother concerned with providing a healthy environment for her family, a place that encourages sharing and creativity. Besides, she is a businesswoman who likes to combine finesse and work. She also wanted to share her passions (fashion, interior design) and her know-how in this area through this platform. Through the companies managed with her husband, she has always sought to raise standards not only through hard work but also through the image to be projected by employees in order to bring credit to the company and offer a service. quality: She also influenced her collaborators to look after their image.


Tatiana shares with her husband and business partner Blaise, a global vision of success, among other things through image consulting and interior design here elucidated


Associate internal work – through personal and professional development – with external work with the image; Allow the appropriation of his identity, his philosophy but above all to rediscover his goal and objectives to achieve them.


The goal here is not to play the game of appearances, the image cannot take precedence over the individual.

1 Samuel 16: 7And the Lord said to Samuel, pay no attention to his appearance and to his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not consider what man considers; man looks at what strikes the eye, but the Lord looks at the heart.